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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 14, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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r all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. a pilot shows he knows what he's doing. >> he got close to that car. >> he's good. >> see why he is still using. >> i'm an african american male. this gentleman is caucasian. there were no problems. >> a driver pulled over by police makes a video getting. >> tens of millions of views. >> now meet the young man spreading positivity and becoming an internet star in the process. >> if you told me all this would have happened i would never believed you. >> birds everywhere.
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what's up? >> it's a scary scene. what has these birds thinking? >> plus what has mom cornered in the kitchen? video proof. >> they should really keep their day job. >> the addy should keep the crunch in the soft taco. if you're looking for the true sen case of sensation of freedom, you're in a little bit of a cart here. the guy is pretty skilled. he's swooping around taking pretty big dives. watch here as he swoops down with friends. >> he got close to that car. >> he's good with this. he's got real skills. notice it shows the parasail. he has a couple more swoops dives here. he comes down for another low
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path to show off for his buddies. after another dip he gains more altitude and for another swoop here he comes. >> right to the windshield. >> busted out the rear window of that car and suffered minor injuries. pushed hiss pushed his luck a little too far. >> camera on the right wing as he comes in for the landing. he swings a little much catches a breeze and then right in. people come running over to make sure he's okay. at least he just took it to the face. >> the worst places to land. that's the worst about hang gliding. any heavy landing is just you. >> now here's a video that's gotten tens of millions of
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views. a black man after he was pulled over by a white cop in lexington, south carolina. >> he put his hands on the wheel and listens to what the officer said. >> he said the median needed to be open for emergency vehicles. i was wrong. he gave me a warning and i was about my way. >> i believe this video has gone viral because of what he says next. >> now, the point of this is to say that i'm an african american male. this gentleman was caucasian. there were no problems. >> if you just do what you're suppose to do at a traffic stop there should be no deadly interaction. >> wiftv in south carolina caught up with the officer in
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this incident. >> absolutely blows my mind something that small from something that started here in lexington normal me doing my job every day could blow up. >> joining us right this minute is will from lexington, south carolina. welcome to the show. >> in this video, everybody is talking about it. why do you think that is? >> it's just human nature. i feel like that's why it got the response that it did. people's need for positivity. >> what made you react the way you did? you said you kept your hands on the wheel and did exactly what the police officer said. >> your first instinct as an african american is let me make sure i'm doing everything right. >> don't you think there's something unfortunate you felt because you're black you had to do that. >> yes. it's not a good feeling to feel you have to go above and beyond a person that has a different
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skin tone than you to make sure that you're safe. we know there's a problem, let's start being a part of the solution. let's start coming up with ways to bridge the gap between law enforcement and civilian and african americans to repair the relationship. ignorance has no color. god doesn't see color, why should we. >> thieves have to be thieves because they're too dumb to do anything else. watch these guys four of them they break into this convenience store at the gas station and after cigarettes. after a few minutes of being in there, they loaded up a duvet cover. >> maybe i should put it down. no it's not going to do go. >> instead of putting it in the vehicle they're going to drag it down the road.
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what you see in the video is the best part. they end up leaving a trail of cigarette cartons down the road. i believe they lost about a third, 3,800 u.s. dollars worth. police believe they're responsible for several other similar robberies. this is going to make you scratch your head. this robber runs into the convenient store and starts intimidating the clerk with a 12 inch knife and demands money. he realizes he knows the girl and starts changing his voice. she calls the cops and she knows exactly who he is. that's karen, the mother of his ex partner, the grandmother of his daughter. >> she meetly runs for the radio because she knows exactly who they need to go get. he was arrested and pleaded guilty to robbery. >> lions, sharks, pir
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er piranas. >> what did they think was going to happen? >> absolutely no idea. he's screaming like a ter. >> one more thing. >> i'm not sure this guy would be well in this next video which looks like they have al fred hitch dock in texas. when they came home they found this. >> there's birds everywhere. what the held. there's 30 birds. >> did they come down the chimney or what? >> thadey decided 30 of them decided to have a house party. >> we're going to have to try
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and get them out. >> our third video, we know terrifying spiders. this might be the biggest i've seen. >> there it is can you see? >> he's 12 feet away from this. >> she decides to send her father a message but he's really far away.
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it's tough when families separate. this is stephanie and stephanie's dad is very, very far away. in fact stephanie's dad is on the international space station. very far away. he'll be gone for a long time. now, stephanie misses her dad and she wants to get a message to her dad. now, there's a million ways to do that. you can use e-mail, texting, but instead he chose to use a group of hyundai
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genesis. >> they're going to write the message in the sand and he'll be able to read it from space. >> stephanie wrote a message to her dad. the folks from hyundai plotted her message out on a dry lake bed in nevada and added in the gps coordinates. a group of drivers went out and began writing her message in the sand. >> can dad see her message? >> it worked. all the way from outer space, you can see it? >> you bet. the neatest thing is her hand writing was copied. a little side note to this. they set a record for the
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largest tire track image ever in the genesisworld record. >> you guys need to brush your teeth after this one because it's so sweet. i have to say we start with these two dotsons. older but trending taking a stroll. dogs like to be walked and the other one is like wait, i see a balloon, i see a balloon. >> the dog was okay. it knew how to paddle. >> and climb its way out. doesn't even look wet. then right here we have a french
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bulldog pup. >> seen wrestling. eventually another french bulldog walks through and says i'm too big. >> i cannot wait to show you this video put together by youtube. it's weird and what? >> filmed in january 2013. >> he's got that sock doll because that's the only person that will hang out with him. >> he takes his clothes off because what's he going to do? jump in the freezing cold water while ice skating.
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>> he takes a do i have in the water and makes it. they should keep their day job. we found this one on video skate boarding down the bridge. >> no dude. and right into traffic. the poor guy could not brake in time. someone else took a picture of this after the incident and said the driver of the car obviously not happy but the taco made it out okay. >> he did a great job. this video gets more attention than any other people in taco videos. >> he did.
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>> a donut that's out of this world. >> that's such a cool perspective. the special send off with a not so sweet landing. and he's a prokite boarder but doing something most was consider unreasonable. he extremes that sent him flying.
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it does not fall. there's cheering kids next to the field where they set this thing off. everybody's excited. let's see how it goes. >> mised opportunity here. >> it's a big homer. chasing the pink donuts. >> he does make it nearly 20 miles up and does get to the edge of space and such a cool perspective, right. see us drinking donuts out in space. >> everything's cool until the balloon pops. once the balloon spops it spins back. do you see that. it makes it back to earth and it's over a body of water. it sucks.
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i wouldn't want to eat that. >> it's out of this world. they were able to locate it and let's see how tasty the donut looks now. that is the donut and i think the donut didn't make it. >> these guys are good. talk to an extreme sports athlete and ask him what do you think is unreasonable? most of them go oh nothing. for extreme sports athlete, doing something most would consider to be unreasonable. >> i'm sure it's never been done before. he's a prokite boarder getting out in ampsterdam pumping up his kite and jumping into the channel. he's trying to take the channel down to central amsterdam. look what he's
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doing. >> i think that was just a perfect perfective. the whole point is not to get ping ched by-- to get pinched by the perspective. he could get over if he needed to. >> he spends more teem in the air than the water. >> yeah. >> a love connection with a twist. somebody's at the door. who could it be? of course it's the ex. a prank that got a little out of hand. >> that's not cool. . nenew w cocolglgatate e tototatal l momoututhwhwash for gum health. itit k kilillsls g gerermsms a andnd f forormsms a protective shield fofor r 4545% % ststrorongngerer g gumums.s.
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while and then light it. he says it will burn for about 30 minutes. >> now days you just have to swipe left or swipe right and you can connect to all kinds of people like this very attractive girl. whosk, who is she sitting next to? he's decided he's going to teach some people a lesson and you should be careful about connecting with people. they set up a profile with this girl and connect with three guys. they send us three dates. they turn up and sit down and start chatting away. she's sending all the signals but they're not going to be okay
9:57 am
with it in minute thickens quickly. somebody's at the door. who could it be? of course. the third guy goes immediately for what would be a very impressive back up story. >> now, watch me. >> mean girls. >> yeah, the other guy, the second guy has nothing about owning the place. the third guy decides to really mess around with him and bring him a different kind of ink. >> that is hysterical. >> he takes it further.
9:58 am
>> the other guy decides he's going to get back in. >> she should have hooked up for real with that guy. >> this is escalating for real with the exgirl friend. she gets to the hand bag and that's not cool. >> finally, he and his annoying giggle comes out in the kitchen before he lets them all off the hook points out the cameras and everyone. >> that's going to do it for us at right this minute. thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams" show. wendy is back and all new with a dose of super juicy hot topics. and she fires back over her shocking weight loss. julie alexandria has the inside scoop. >> the doctors of the reality show "botched" are here. ♪ ♪


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